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Enable 2FA For Your Discord Account So You Don't Get Phished

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The good news? A recent phishing attempt hit Discord and only ensnared a small batch of users — around 2500 in all. The bad news? There’s no easy tool to tell if you’re on that list, so you might as well take a moment to reset your password on the
'The good news? A recent phishing attempt hit Discord and only ensnared a small batch of users — around 2500 in all. The bad news? There’s no easy tool to tell if you’re on that list, so you might as well take a moment to reset your password on the service right now. More important, it’s time to stop being lazy and enable two-factor authentication, which will help protect you from phishing attempts going forward.\t\t\t\t\t More »'

How To Make Turkey Gravy Without Pan Drippings

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There is a certain (I think) overly romantic expectation that a good turkey gravy must be made from pan drippings, and whisked together just moments before the Big Meal is put on the table. To this I say, “No thank you,” particularly when a very
'There is a certain (I think) overly romantic expectation that a good turkey gravy must be made from pan drippings, and whisked together just moments before the Big Meal is put on the table. To this I say, “No thank you,” particularly when a very good gravy can be made hours, days, or even weeks ahead of time.\t\t\t\t\t More »'

A look back at The Project's unforgettable moments

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As The Project celebrates its 10th birthday, we're looking back at the Channel Ten show's best moments: From Carrie Bickmore's bloopers to Waleed Aly's speeches
'It's not every day in the cutthroat world of Australian television that a show lasts a decade. So as The Project turns 10 tonight, it's a feat worth celebrating. In its early days in 2009, what was then known as The 7pm Project boldly experimented by mixing news and comedy in a format that had not been seen before. Now simply called The Project , its current incarnation is a staple on the Channel Ten line-up and has featured plenty of memorable moments. From long-running host Carrie Bickmore 's side-splittingly funny gaffes and relatable heartwarming moments, to Waleed Aly's poignant discussions about current affairs and celebrity interviews that had the whole country talking, we've rounded up the moments that have had viewers hooked. Scroll on to celebrate The Project's 10th birthday with these unforgettable memories. Erin Doyle A look back at The Project's unforgettable moments Carrie Bickmore stacks it on The Project As the only host remaining from The Project's original line-up, Carrie Bickmore has had some good days and she's had some bad days. And in 2013, things went hilariously wrong for her when she stacked it during a live cross (watch the hilarious moment above). Taking the mishap in good humour, Carrie could be seen laughing as crew members rush in to help her off the ground. Back in the studio, James Mathison quipped \'This is what happens when you take her out from behind the desk!\' Image: Channel Ten Carrie's C--ntas gaffe Carrie knows better than most the perils of live TV. The Gold Logie winner also went viral in 2012 when she had a slip of the tongue and accidentally dropped the C bomb when referring to airline Qantas. Once she realised her mistake, she descended into a fit of giggles. Carrie later laughed off the incident, joking to Mx , \'Well, I certainly won't be getting an upgrade any time soon!\' Image: Channel Ten Carrie's heartbreak over death of three-year-old Syrian aslyum seeker But it wasn't just Carrie's sense of humour that has endeared her to The Project fans over the years. Her willingness to show compassion and empathy for others has been one of her calling cards.In one emotional moment, she choked up as she and the rest of the panel spoke about gut-wrenching photos of two dead Syrian refugee brothers who had washed up on a beach in 2015. \'I just can't look at that without being so upset,\' she said at the time. Image: Channel Ten The 7pm Project's original line-up Initially called The 7pm Project , The Project has transformed a LOT since it first hit screens in 2009. As well as changing set designs, there have been many different faces lighting up the screen alongside veteran host Carrie Bickmore. In the first season Ruby Rose and James Mathison were part of the main line up. Image: Channel Ten Waleed Aly's powerful 'ISIL is weak' speech After taking the reigns from former host Charlie Pickering in 2015, Waleed wasted no time in making his own mark on the show. While he is now famous for his powerful monologues about important issues, it was his blistering 'ISIL is weak' speech in 2015 that first went viral for its strong and emotive message that spoke directly to Australians fearful of the currrent state of the world. Image: Channel Ten Waleed interviews Elmo While there has been many famous international and local stars appearing on The Project over the years, Waleed's favourite guest is a surprising one! \'I've often said that one of my favourite things I get to do on the show is interview Elmo,\' Waleed told TV WEEK at the Logies this year. \'Everyone else who works on the show seems to have done it a lot of times, but I'd never done it and when he walked in, I was blown away.\' Image: Channel Ten Charlie Pickering and Carrie Bickmore's friendship Before Waleed came on board, his predecessor Charlie Pickering was holding his own on the desk. But it was his rapport with co-host Carrie Bickmore that really shone through (see them stuff up an intro below). In Charlie's farewell episode, there was not a dry eye in the house when Charlie admitted how much he'd miss working with Carrie. Image: Channel Ten Dave Hughes and Peter Helliar When the show first hit the airwaves, it was billed as \'news, but delivered differently\'. And comedians Dave Hughes (left) and later, Peter Helliar (right) brought the laughs with jokes and jibes that continually have everyone in stitches. One memorable moment involved a news report read by Carrie about how being intimate on Mars could create a new human sub-species due to the planet's low gravity. \'If you reckon sex on Mars is hard what about sex on Uranus, that will be really tricky,\' Pete responded. \'That's a very different planet.\' Image: Channel Ten The VERY awkward Stu Laundy/ Sophie Monk appearance The Project is no stranger to playing host to celebrity guests. But when Sophie Monk and Stu Laundy appeared on the show after The Bachelorette finale in 2017, their very awkward behaviour had the whole country talking. Their stilted interview and uncomfortable body language caused fans to be convinced the couple had broken up and were faking their whole relationship. Image: Channel Ten'

Fans go nuts after Beyoncé posts never-before-seen pic of herself and Meghan Markle

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When Beyoncé Knowles met Meghan Markle, we thought we'd reached a peak. But now, the iconic singer has posted an unseen picture of herself with the royal, and the internet has exploded.
'When Beyoncé and Meghan Markle met on the red carpet at the Lion King premiere in London, the internet categorically exploded in glee. Never before had we seen such a vision. Pop royalty met music royalty, and all was well with the world. But now, in a moment that's only exacerbated our glee, the pop singer has done something else that's prolonged the golden moment, and suffice to say we'll be staring at this feat for a while to come. Taking to her official Instagram account, the stunning superstar shared a series of photos from the star-studded premiere . But it was one picture in particular from the candid album that's really sent royal fans wild - and that's because it includes Meghan Markle. Indeed while it seemed about 1000 pictures from the amazing moment the pair met were shared fast and frantically across the internet, this picture in particular had not yet surfaced. All the more glorious about the unseen picture is what the two ladies are doing in it, which can only be described as staring at each other with utmost admiration. BRB, just weeping tears of happiness at this perfection! Fans quickly took to the picture to share their love for it, with an extravaganza of love-heart-eyes and confetti emjois littered all through the comments section. Some fans also made light of the surreal scenario, with one quipping: \'Harry must have been so nervous meeting royalty\'. Meanwhile another wrote: \'How nice Megan and Harry got to meet the Queen\'. While Beyoncé isn't exactly official royalty, we can't help but laugh at the irony, because if the music industry had a queen, we'd be celebrating Bey's coronation before you can say \'Who run the world?\' During the royal's meeting with Beyoncé, who was joined by her husband Jay-Z, the foursome shared a candid conversation. Fans went nuts over Jay-Z's comment about parenting to Harry, with the rapper telling him: \'The best advice I can give you, always find some time for yourself.\' Meanwhile Queen Bey revealed to Meghan what basically the entire world thinks of her new baby Archie and the royal parents: \'The baby, so beautiful. We love you guys.\' Couldn't have said it better ourselves! WATCH: Beyoncé and Jay Z accept their Brit Award with a portrait of Duchess Meghan. Story continues after video.. Watch video Beyoncé and Jay-Z were known fans of Meghan already, with the famed singer sharing an Instagram post featuring none other than Meghan Markle to accept her Brit Award earlier this year. In the post, Meghan is seen in a portrait behind Beyoncé and her husband. The singer wrote: \'In honor of Black History Month, we bow down to one of our Melanated Monas. Congrats on your pregnancy! We wish you so much joy.\' It's a solid YES from us to more collaborations between these two queens.'

Princess Eugenie makes a very special surprise appearance in a stunning green dress

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Princess Eugenie has made a dazzling surprise appearance wearing a gorgeous green dress by Alice & Olivia, and it might be our favourite look on the royal yet.
'Princess Eugenie is taking newlywed life in her stride, and she couldn't look more glamorous doing so! This week alone she's proved as much after making a very special surprise appearance in London for an important cause, while wearing what might be one of our favourite looks on her to date. While most of the royal family have wrapped up their formal engagements for the season as they head off on their respective summer breaks, Eugenie gave us a delightful surprise when she stepped out at Westminster Abbey to support a cause that's close to her heart - The Anti-Slavery Collective. The charity works to combat modern slavery, and Eugenie's visit was to meet with John Cotton Richmond, who is the US Ambassador-at-Large for Combating Trafficking in Persons. The radiant Princess looked beautiful in a green and gold floral Alice & Olivia dress, which featured a sheer outer layer that was tied with a matching ribbon around her waist. Seriously, how stunning does she look!? The dress is very on trend at the moment, especially with its wrap-style silhouette and sleeves that gather at the wrist. The beautiful bright green hue also complimented Eugenie's copper hair, which she wore out in loose curls. She finished the look off with a pair of nude heels - so chic! Eugenie was given a tour of Westminster Abbey during the surprise visit, where she was pictured in front of a special statue of William Wilberforce. Wilberforce was a politician and philanthropist and famously worked to abolish slave trade, something Eugenie herself is very vocal about. In fact, the Princess has spoken at length about her work in anti-slavery initiatives - just last year she gave a rare interview on a podcast called Global GoalsCast where she spoke candidly about it. Eugenie and her long-time pal Julie de Boinville, who works with the royal on Antislavery Collective, both discussed a trip to Calcutta in 2013 where they met a woman who started the Women's Interlink Foundation. The Foundation works to get trafficked females off the streets and teaches them skills such as fabric design and creating clothing. \'Jules and I, that was the first time we ever really saw what modern slavery was and human trafficking and what really that is in the modern age, \' Eugenie said at the time. The Princess has had a busy summer of engagements so far, making some candid appearances at Royal Ascot, as well as attending one of the Queen's garden parties at Buckingham Palace. Here's hoping we'll see more of the newlywed over the coming months! WATCH: Princess Eugenie's wedding: Princess Eugenie arrives: Watch video'

You HAVE to see MAFS' Martha's latest racy Instagram

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Married at First Sight's Martha Kalifatidis has dropped yet ANOTHER NSFW racy Instagram and we're not sure where she is going with this.
'Former Married at First Sight bride, Martha Kalifatidis, has certainly been flaunting it on Instagram as of late. In fact, you'd be hard-pressed to find a recent pic of the stunning brunette where she is not showing off her assets or using her Insta-fame for a subtle modelling shoot. In her most recent post, Martha has shared a gorgeous selfie but the catch? Just check out what's going on in the mirror \'behind\' her. Yup, in a very \'cheeky\' post, the reality TV star is showing off her derriere - channelling her inner Kimmy Kardashian. (Check out the picture below!) \'💉NEW VIDEO ALERT💉,\' Martha captioned the post. \'Meet @hellodrface on my YouTube channel.\' After checking out the video in her #linkinbio, we have ZERO idea why she needed to post this selfie - as it relates more to her getting \'cheek filler\' (the face one) and her \'lips dissolved\'. READ NEXT: Another day, another Photoshop oopsie! MAFS' Martha's embarrassing Instagram gaff Her 282k followers had quite a bit to say with one fan commenting: \'Hey Martha I'm a huge fan. But I don't see u as a Kim K copycat. You're you. And that's the best part. 💖🔥\' While another one said: \'Omg why are you love showing your arse 🙈🙈[sic]\' And then there was this: \'You making a sex tape ?? One step away from Kim K wanna be [sic]\' to which Martha responded: \'Shut up you twit[sic]\' Eeep! WATCH NEXT: Martha chats to her doctor about dissolving her lips and getting cheek filler! Story continues.. Watch video Back in May, Martha posted another saucy pic, this time featuring her \'hubby\' Michael Brunelli's bare bum. \'Heard it was cold outside today..\' Martha captioned the post at the time. \'OMG is that michael's backside😂\' one fan commented, while another said: \'All I can think of is who took this raunchy photo?\' And us, too! Surprisingly, majority of the comments from Martha's 272k fan base were positive, even going as far as referring to the post as a \'work of art\'. But mostly, people were just excited by Michael's peach perfect behind.. Last week, Martha posted another photo to her Instagram while the pair were holidaying in Cairns. And while it wasn't as racy as these two, it set tongues wagging for a different reason. In the pic, Martha looks incredible, while holding on to a hanging tree (Yup!). Captioning the post, she wrote: \'Hands up if Michael should pick my look again tonight? @mbrunelli 🙋🏻‍♀️\' And although the photo itself was gorgeous - during the editing process, it seems that Martha had a slight mishap. In fact, after a little Photoshop makeover, the 31-year-old developed an, ummm, extendable arm. See the photo below! Indeed, while it was hard to take our eyes off Martha's flawless makeup (that teal eye shadow though!), her left arm seemed to have grown and developed quite a nasty bend! Ooops! One thing's for sure, Martha and Michael sure know how to stay relevant!'