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What age should you take your kids to see The Lion King?

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The Lion King remake is in cinemas now and while it is visually spectacular, it's not explicitly a kids film. The scenes are intense and your child may be frightened.
'The Lion King remake is finally here and with an all-star line-up (including Beyoncé and Donald Glover), comes a bevvy of expectation. And for someone's whose first CD ever was the original soundtrack to Disney's The Lion King , I placed a MAMMOTH amount of said expectation onto the film. The movie itself is an absolute visual masterpiece with top notch CGI animation - in fact, the animals are so real, you literally feel like you're standing in the wilds of Africa. For fans of the original, the story remains true - with some of the most iconic parts of the film coming to life in front of your very eyes. From the Wildebeest stampede to that ICONIC scene at the beginning of the film where Rafiki (John Kani) presents a young Simba (JD McCrary), it truly is a spectacle. In fact, you'd be hard-pressed to fault the story-line of a young Simba becoming King after the death of his father. But it's in this true-to-life depiction that the fault of this \'kids\' film lies - because while the story is there (and a truly incredibly soundtrack) it's just a little too intense and at times, downright scary. The Lion King is rated PG, so unlike the original cartoon, it's not meant explicitly for kids, however, if you're thinking of rallying your own young cubs these school holidays - my advice is to take heed of the classification system. In fact, when I asked one of my friends who attended the premiere with his wife, if he'd take his four and two-year-old son's see it, his response? \'No way!\' While their eldest is \'obsessed\' with the original (they watch it \'three times a week\' he says), the re-make is not an option for them. \'It's actually pretty violent,\' he said. \'I don't want to \'Scar\' him for life!\' (See what he did there..) WATCH NEXT: Ada Nicodemou's son, Johnas, attends the premiere of The Lion King Watch video And it's the character of Scar, voiced brilliantly by Chiwetel Ejiofor, that is by far the most aggressively scary character - because, in case you'd forgotten, Scar's plot to kill Mufasa (James Earl Jones) and then Simba (Donald Glover) is pretty much the entire plot line. All of his scenes exude the exact same tone has the cartoon, if not worse - including an additional scene where we see Scar devouring an antelope. It's not for the feint hearted. So what age is appropriate for you to take your child to see this movie? As a parent, it's entirely up to you, and you know your kids better than anyone. But if your child is quite sensitive, the realistic animals fighting each other to the death and the grim nature of it all, may be just that too intense. Don't get me wrong, there was a lot of humour in it too and it was absolutely en pointe - the stand-outs (of course) being Timon (Billy Eichner), Pumba (Seth Rogen) and Zazu (Joh Oliver) bringing a much needed comedic relief. Like any Disney film, there were many a-good jokes for the adults (like \'giraffes necking\') and some goodun's for the kids - Pumba's flatulence, and it wouldn't be a Disney film without a killer Easter egg (another Disney reference planted in the film) which will sure to make you sing! Of course, you can't go past the insanely beautiful soundtrack and the inspiring message of \'Hukuna Matata\' (which they played up more this time round). And then there was the beautiful theme of responsibility and a deep knowing of exactly who you are. Le sigh. There were tears.. So, if you \'just can't wait\' to get to the cinemas, The Lion King is out now, but \'be prepared\' for who you take along with you.'